Staff Directory List

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Broussard, RobDistrict Attorney(256) 532-3460
Malone, JesHenryCommissioner, District Six(256) 532-1505
Riddick, PhilCommissioner, District Five(256) 532-3497
Vandiver, PhilCommissioner, District Four(256) 852-8351
Haraway, SteveCommissioner, District Two(256) 532-1590
Jones, RogerCommissioner, District One(256) 828-0726
Strong, DaleChairman(256) 532-3785
Burkett, AnneDirector, Planning and Economic Development(256) 532-3505
Streeter, JennaEmergency Communications Manager(256) 722-7344
Kizer, Debra Circuit Court Clerk(256) 532-3380
Craig, MarkLicense Director(256) 532-3310
Howell, JermiePersonnel Director(256) 532-3614
Barger, FrankProbate Judge(256) 532-3331
Barrett, JennyDirector, Sharon Johnston Park(256) 379-2868
Hairston, Lynda Chairman of the Board of RegistrarsBoard of Registrars(256) 532-3519
Berryhill, BobbyCoronerCoroner(256) 536-9197
Rich, JeffCounty AttorneyCounty Commission(256) 532-3492
Stiles, MelissaDirector, Office of Alternative ServicesCourts(256) 533-8940
Cothren, JacquesChief Probation OfficerCourts(256) 532-0330
Johnson, LucindaLaw LibrarianCourts(256) 532-1585