Water Adjustment Policy

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Adjustments can be applied to leaks defined as plumbing issues, not accidental water use or pool fill-ups.

1) Strict adherence to a policy of one adjustment per 12-month period per customer. Exceptions will be given if the customer moved to a different address

Please note, the 12-month period does not mean a calendar year.  To be eligible for another adjustment, 12 months must have passed since the last adjustment.  Also, the balance remaining from a previous leak cannot be adjusted again regardless if the 12-month period has passed.

2)  In the case of a leak, the customer will be responsible for the amount 3 times greater than their 12-month average bill.  The adjusted bill amount is the difference between the high bill and 3 times the monthly average.

3) The amount refunded must be at least $10.00.

4) The account to be adjusted must be active at the time of the adjustment.

5) Customers must provide a repair/parts receipt or a handwritten repair statement to show the leak has been repaired.  If the customer does not submit proof of repair, no adjustment will be given.  No exception will be given if proof is not provided.

6) Some leak adjustments may require the approval of the Assistant Director.