Steps for New Meter Installation

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  1. OBTAIN AN ADDRESS - If you do not already have an address for the meter location, you will need to contact House Numbering at the Public Works Department (256-746-2900).


  2. PAY THE INSTALLATION FEE - Contact the Madison County Water Department (MCWD) regarding the installation fee for the address in question. Fees depend on size of meter and type of installation.The fee can be paid by check or money order at the MCWD office, or by requesting that the fee be placed on the first utility bill that you will receive (covid-19). We do not accept cash or credit cards for meter installations!!


  3. PICK UP A BLUE FLAG - After paying the installation fee, you will need to pick up a blue flag from the MCWD office and write the installation address on the flag.


  4. PLACE FLAG IN METER BOX OR AT METER INSTALLATION LOCATION - Place the flag either in the meter box (drop-ins) or where you would like the meter installed (full sets).


    If a service line and meter box have already been installed, this is considered a “drop-in” – place the flag in the meter box. If the install is considered a “full set”, you will need to place the flag approximately 5-7 feet from the road, but anywhere at the front of your property.  A customer service representative will be able to help specify whether your install is a drop-in or a full install.


  5. NOTIFY OFFICE WHEN FLAG IS IN PLACE - Call the MCWD office and let a representative know when your flag is in place. If the install is a full set, the representative will call Alabama 811 to have utility companies locate their underground lines. This process will take approximately 48 hours to complete and is required by law.


  6. SET UP ACCOUNT WITH HUNTSVILLE UTILITIES - Since Huntsville Utilities handles MCWD billing, you will also need to contact Huntsville Utilities (256-535-1200) to set up an account for water service before the meter can be set. If you are ready for electric as well, you can set up the account for both utilities, but you must state that you need to add water to the account in order for the meter to be installed. Huntsville Utilities will send the account number to MCWD.


  7. WORK ORDER CREATION - After completing these steps, the work order for your meter installation will be sent to the operations manager.The job will be placed on a schedule and dispatched to a crew in due time. Please keep in mind, for full sets it may be a few days to a few weeks before the meter is installed depending on the number of work orders on the schedule.



Madison County Water Department
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