Frequently Asked Questions

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WHICH NUMBER DO I CALL IF I HAVE AN ISSUE WITH MY WATER SERVICE OR BILL?  Please call the Madison County Water Department at (256) 746-2888

WHICH NUMBER DO I CALL IF I HAVE A GENERAL QUESTION ABOUT MY ACCOUNT OR BILL?  Please call Huntsville Utilities at (256) 535-1200

MY WATER IS OUT…WHY WAS I NOT NOTIFIED?  Scheduled water outages are typically posted on the Madison County Water Department Facebook page, as well as sent to local TV stations, 24 hours before the event.  Unfortunately, when there is a main break/emergency, no notification can be given.

I CALLED IN A LEAK A FEW DAYS AGO…WHY HAS NO ONE COME TO FIX IT?  Due to the number of leaks called in, leaks are typically prioritized by type/location and worked accordingly.  If any digging is required, other utilities must be contacted through Alabama 811 to allow them to locate their underground lines.  This process can take up to 48 hours and is required by law.  Therefore, it may be several days before the leak is fixed.

WILL A LEAK CAUSE MY BILL TO GO UP?  If the leak is between the road and the meter, the water leaking is not going through the meter so it will not count toward the water you purchase…only the water that actually goes through the meter will increase your bill.  So, if the leak is on your side, then it will cause your bill to go up.

WILL THE WATER DEPARTMENT FIX A LEAKING WATER LINE RUNNING FROM MY METER TO MY HOUSE OR A LEAK IN MY HOUSE?  No…leaks on the customer side are the responsibility of the customer.

CAN MY PLUMBER CHANGE OUT THE CHECK VALVE (BACKFLOW PREVENTER) AT THE METER?  Generally, the Madison County Water Department prefers to change out check valves due to state regulatory agency specifications.  However, the plumber may call the water department to get approval.  If approval is given, the plumber must use only a water department supplied check valve, purchased from the water department office.

A CREW WORKED IN MY YARD / NEAR MY HOUSE…WHY DID THEY NOT FINISH THE LANDSCAPING?  In most cases, the Madison County Water Department uses a contractor to finish up the landscaping.  To allow for the ground to dry out, the disturbed soil to settle some, and the contractor to schedule the work, the process may take several days to weeks to complete the job.

DO YOU HAVE SEWER?  No…the Madison County Water Department is a water distribution system only.  Customers, outside of city limits who have sewer, have it either through the City of Huntsville, Harvest/Monrovia Water & Sewer, or a private sewer company.

WHY WAS THE METER REMOVED FROM MY METER BOX?  In most cases, a meter is removed if the account associated with the meter is no longer active.  For an account to remain active, a base rate (or minimum bill) must be paid monthly to cover the continuous maintenance of the water meter.

WHO OWNS THE WATER METER?  Water meters are the property of the Madison County Water Department

WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT PRESSURE PROBLEMS?  As improvements are made in the water system, changes in water pressure may be noticed.  If your pressure increases, you may need to install a pressure regulator valve.  It is the customer’s responsibility to purchase and install pressure regulators.

DO YOU HAVE AN ADJUSTMENT POLICY?  Yes…see the “Adjustment Policy” section for details.

CAN THE WATER DEPARTMENT LOCATE WATER LINES IN MY YARD?  No…the Madison County Water Department only locates water lines between the meter and the road and water mains along the roads.

HOW DO I APPLY FOR A NEW WATER METER?  See the “Steps for New Meter Installation” section.