Important Dates

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Tax Payment Dates

  • October 1st – Real and Business Personal Property taxes due.  Tax payers have until December 31st to pay without penalties.
  • December 31st – last day to pay in person or postmark mailed payment.
  • January 1st – Taxes are Delinquent; payments made after this date will be charged fees and interest.  Delinquent tax notices will be mailed to all real estate owners.  Final tax notices will be mailed to all business personal property owners.
  • January 16th – last day to pay in person on Real Estate to avoid the Delinquent Legal Ad in the Huntsville Times on the first Wednesday in February.  Postmarks are not accepted for these payments.
  • 1st Wednesday in February – Delinquent Real Estate property owners listed in the Huntsville Times.
  • February, 1st week – mailing of Final Real Estate Delinquent tax notices
  • February 28th – last day to pay real estate taxes with personal checks.  Beginning March 1st only certified checks are accepted for real estate payments.
  • April – Legal Tax Sale advertisement published in Huntsville Times on the 1st three consecutive Wednesdays.
  • May – 2020 Annual Tax Sale will be held on May 22, 2020.