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Code of Alabama 1975,

40-9-19 through 40-9-21.1 

A homestead exemption is a tax break a property owner may be entitled to if he or she owns a single-family residence and occupies it as his/her primary residence on October 1 of the tax year for which the property owner is applying. A homestead exemption must be claimed, exemptions are not automatic. If any change is made to your deed, you may need to re-claim your homestead exemption.

If you are sixty-five years or older, you are entitled to an exemption from State property taxes. If you are sixty-five years or older or you are retired due to total and permanent disability, you may also be entitled to additional exemptions based on your income.  The income of the person claiming the exemption and that of his or her spouse must be twelve thousand dollars ($12,000) or less as stated on your most recent tax returns. Handwritten tax returns not accepted. For a transcript of your return, please visit this IRS site to view  a copy of your transcript.  For more information, please contact the Tax Assessor's Office at (256)532-3350.

Additional exemptions are available to homeowners over age 65 or who are totally and permanently disabled. Must be eligible on October 1 and claimed no later than December 31 and will apply to the following year’s taxes.

Contact the Tax Assessor’s office in the Madison County Courthouse, Room 504 or telephone 256 532-3350 or email taxassess@madisoncountyal.gov.


Code of Alabama 1975


If on October 1 of any year any exempted property shall become subject to taxation, it shall be the duty of the person or persons who are liable for the tax on such property to notify the tax assessor prior to January 1 of that tax year that the property is no longer subject to the exemption, and the tax assessor shall list the property for taxation.