Pool Rules

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Contact number: 256-379-2031 (during summer months)

Handicap accessible pool 
Showers must be taken before entering pool area

No food, gum, drinks in pool area 

No running

No diving in shallow end – no backward dives from side of pool

No horseplay – dunking, wrestling, throwing, sitting on shoulders, etc

No smoking in pool area

Appropriate swimwear at all times – no cutoff shorts. Boys must have swim trunks with liner and string. Females must have a top and bottom.

Non-potty-trained toddlers must be in a swim diaper. Swim diapers should be changed often and after a feeding.

Parents must supervise children while in pool area. Children between 12-15 years old must have a signed parental waiver if unaccompanied by parent.

No profanity may be used in the pool area

No hanging on lane ropes

No playing on or around ladders and diving board

No talking with lifeguards while on duty

Lifeguards on duty are in charge and may take disciplinary action on anyone ignoring or disobeying the rules. After one warning, lifeguards may issue suspension from pool.

No pets allowed in pool area

Absolutely no PDA (Public Display of Affection) allowed


Patrons are expected to conduct themselves properly while at the pool. Parents are responsible for the appropriate behavior of their children. Babysitters are welcome; however, they are responsible for the appropriate behavior of the children in their charge.

The number one responsibility of lifeguards is PATRON SAFETY. Please do not fraternize with lifeguards on duty. Any questions/concerns should be directed to the supervisor on duty or the lifeguard in the office. Lifeguards on stands CANNOT take their attention away from patrons in the water. They are not ignoring you or being rude, they are just doing their job. Thank you for understanding.


Sharon Johnston’s pool staff wants to maintain a family-friendly environment. To ensure a safe and friendly environment, pool rules will be strictly enforced. All patrons must adhere to pool rules and conduct themselves in an acceptable manner. Cursing, lewd/obscene behaviors, and not following pool rules and instructions from lifeguards will NOT be tolerated.

Upon violation of pool policies, the following suspensions will occur:
- Verbal warning from lifeguard or pool supervisor
- Suspension from pool for rest of day
- Suspension from pool for one day
- Suspension from pool for one week
- Suspension from pool for one month
- Revocation of pool membership for season

Babysitters will be responsible for behavior of patrons in their charge. It is not the duty of pool lifeguards to “babysit” younger patrons.

Pool Closings:

Weather Conditions:
Patrons should stay weather alert. There are NO refunds for closings due to inclement weather.
Patrons must exit the pool for the following:

  • Thunder, lightning Patrons must exit the pool area at the first sign of thunder/lightning
    Patrons should not seek shelter near pool, restrooms, water areas. Patrons may return to pool 30 minutes after the last thunder
    Do not enter pool before lifeguards sound “ALL CLEAR”
  • Strong winds/Heavy rains Patrons must exit pool area during high winds or heavy rain
    Patrons should not seek shelter near temporary, non-sturdy structures
    Do not enter pool before lifeguards sound “ALL CLEAR”


Per the Madison County Health Department, the pool must be closed for certain contamination to the pool.

Please help us keep the pool clean and open for the use of all patrons by doing the following:

  • Keep small children (non potty trained) out of the pool or in a swim diaper at all times
  • Change swim diaper regularly and often
  • Do not “relieve oneself” in the pool – PLEASE USE RESTROOMS
  • Stress to children the importance of not “going to potty” in the pool
  • Keep sick children away from patrons and pool area
  • Do not swim if you have a fever – be fever free for 24 hours before swimming
  • Do not enter pool on a full stomach – take a break after eating
  • Thoroughly sanitize (clean) swim suits after use (contaminates from the ocean and other facilities can enter the pool water) – Shower/Rinse before entering pool