2018 Bid Recommendations

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For one or more 2010 Kentworth T-800 for the Madison County District Three Office 2018-01 Total Cost: $34,500.00 Taunton Trucks and Parts, Inc. 01-24-18
For one or more Fixed Lowboy Trailer(s) for the Madison County District Three Office 2018-02 Total Cost:  $38,295.00 Warrior Tractor & Equipment 01-24-18
For Operation, Management and Marketing of a permanent shop at the Madison County Farmer's Market (west end only)  P-2018-01

Monthly: $700 Annually: $8,400

Ayers Farms  01-24-18 
 For one or more new 2018 F-150 XL Regular Cab Pick-up(s) or equal for the Madison County District Three Office  2018-03 Total Cost:   $24,022.00 Woody Anderson Ford 03-07-18
For one ore more new 2018 F-250 XL, 4x4 Crew Cab 6.75' box 160" WB SRW or equal for the Madison County District One Office  2018-04  Total Cost:  $27,589.00 Woody Anderson Ford  02-07-18
 For one or more new 2018 2500 Tradesman Crew Cab 4x2 (DJ2L92) and 4x4 (169 in WB 8 ft 0 IN box) (DJ7L92 or equal for the Madison County Facility Department 2018-05  Total Bid Amount:  $31,606.50  4x2 $34,216.50  4x4 Landers McLarty DCJR 03-07-18
 For Caustic Soda for the Madison County Water Department 2018-06  Cancelled Cancelled 03-07-18
 For one or more used 2015 or newer 4 Wheel Drive Loader(s) with 250 hours or less for the Madison County District One Office 2018-07  Total Cost:  $114,698.00 Warrior Tractor & Equipment 03-07-18
 For the Installation of a Chain Link Fence at 7809 Wall Triana Highway, Harvest, AL 35749 for the Madison County District Four Office  2018-08 Total Cost:  $50,278.00  Huntsville Fence Company  03-07-18 
 For Caustic Soda for the Madison County Water Department 2018-09    Price per ton:           25% Dry Basis:       $1,025.00/DST       50% Dry Basis:     $799.00/DST  Brenntag Mid-South, Inc. 03-07-18 
 For one or more new E-Z Screen 1200XLS Portable Screener(s) or equal for the Madison County District Four Office 2018-10  Total Cost:   $44,008.58  Argus Industrial Co., LLC 03-07-18 
 For the Removal and Installation of a 325 ton Chiller located at the Mechanical Penthouse of the Madison County Courthouse PW-2018-01  Total Cost:  $85,432.00 Pro-Air Services, Inc. 03-21-18 
 For the Operation, Marketing and Management of the Farmer's Market for Madison County (east end only)  P-2018-02 Cancelled Cancelled 03-21-18
For Concrete Pipe for Various Departments                                   (effective date: 04-23-18) PW-2018-02  Total Cost: $401,586.92 Foley Products Company  04-04-18
 For Miscellaneous Water Materials for the Water Department 2018-11

Total Cost: 

  Category A:     $253,384.51   

Category B:  $325,733.42


      Category A:        Consolidated Pipe & Supply

               Category B:                   Empire Pipe & Supply

 For Sodium Hypochlorite in Bulk 2018-12 

  Total Cost:   

  3,000 gallons:      $3,270.00    

3,500 gallons:  $3,675.00  

Allied Universal Corporation 04-18-18
 For Printing and Mailing Tax Notices for the Madison County Tax Collector's Office 2018-13  $0.10 per item Arista Information Systems 04-18-18
 For Solid Waste (dumpster) Services for various Madison County Departments (effective 06-01-18)  2018-14 Various Republic Services of Huntsville (BFI Waste Services, LLC) 05-02-18
 For a 2005 or newer Pumper Truck for Central Volunteer Fire Department  2018-15  $138,000.00 Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, LLC   04-18-18
 For the Operation, Marketing and Management of the Farmer's Market for Madison County (east end) P-2018-03   Cancelled  Cancelled 04-18-18 
 For Annual Roadway Striping PW-2018-03  $245,270 J. C. Cheek Contractors, Inc. 05-02-18
 For Service Tubing for the Madison County Water Department 2018-16  Various Consolidated Pipe & Supply 05-16-18
 For one or more Pavement Marker(s) and one or more pounds of Bituminous Marker Adhesive for various Maidison County Departments 2018-17  Various Apex Universal, Inc. 05-16-18
 For Various Pre-made Signs for the Madison County Engineering Department 2018-18  Various Osburn Associates, Inc. 05-16-18
 For Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Monrovia Community Center 2018-19 Kenguru Pro:  $18,720.00   Outdoor Fitness Equipment:  $7,617.00

Kenguru Pro US, LLC   


Outdoor Fitness, Inc.

 For a 2007 or newer Refurbished Pothole Patcher and Truck Chassis for District One Office  2018-20 $84,978.05  Sansom Equipment Company   05-16-18
For Sign Panels for the Madison County Sign Shop 2018-21  Various  Vulcan Aluminum   06-13-18
For Concrete Repairs to Driveways, Sidewalks and Curbs, as needed, for a period of one year, not to exceed $47,500 2018-22  Total Base Bid:   $2,440  TNB Concrete   06-13-18
For a 2012 or Newer Pumper Truck for Killingsworth Cove Volunteer Fire Department 2018-23   $ 240,000  Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus LLC  06-13-18
For Carpeting/Flooring for District Six Office  2018-24 Carpet Tile per sq. yd: $45.88; Luxury Vinyl Tile per sq. ft. : $4.88 Johnsonite 4" Cove Base per lf.: $1.40 Commercial Flooring Service, Inc.  06-13-18 
For Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (HDPE) Storm Drainage Pipe PW-2018-04   $207,682 Core and Main, LP  06-13-2018 
For Liquid Gas Chlorine and Hydrofluosilicic Acid (23%) for the Water Department  2018-25

Liquid Gas Chlorine:  $.44/LB   Hydrofluosilicic Acid (23%): $.475/LB

     Brenntag Mid-South, Inc.  06-27-18
For Reflective (Sign Faces) for the Madison County Public Works Sign Shop 2018-26  Various Traffic Signs, Inc. 07-11-18
For LED Light Bulbs and Fixtures to Replace CFL Hardware in Multiple County Facilities  2018-27 Various

Inline Electric


For Equipment for the Madison County Volunteer Fire Departments  2018-28 Various

Municipal Emergency Services, Inc.; Advance Rescue Solutions; Sunbelt; NAFECO 

For Open Graded Friction Course Roadway Surface Treatment   2018-29      $62,335       Wiregrass Construction 07-25-2018
 For Bulk Oil delivery and 55 Gallon Drums  2018-30 Various  Safety-Kleen   09-19-2018
Printing and Mailing of Business Personal property 2018-32  Various  Diversified Companies 09-19-2018 
For a 2018 Four Wheel Drive Pickup Truck - District 2  2018-33 $37,989   Woody Anderson Ford 08-08-2018 
For Caustic Soda Tank Replacement  2018-34 $ 73,200  B.H. Craig Construction Co., Inc.  09-19-2018 
For SCADA Expansion   2018-35  $254,050  United Controls Corp., Inc.  10/17/2018 
For Agricultural Tire Recycling  2018-36  $ 2,500/Load Liberty Tire Recycling  09-19-2018 
For a Skid Steer Loader  2018-37 $ 37,000  Haney Equipment  09-19-2018
For a 2018 4WD Crew Cab Pickup  2018-38 $ 33,132  Woody Anderson Ford  09-19-2018 
For Concrete Repairs as Needed  2018-39  NTE $ 47,500 TNB Concrete  09-19-2018 
For East Madison County Water Main Upgrades  2018-40  $565,202.44 Apel Machine and Supply, Co., Inc.  10-03-2018
 For Miscellaneous Road Repairs  2018-41 $ 63,292.45  Pavement Restorations  09-19-2018 
 For Printers and Scanners for the License Department  2018-42 Various The Lioce Group  09-19-2018 
 For One or More Grapple Trucks  2018-43  $ 136,878  Neely Coble Co.  09-19-2018 
 For a Used 2015 Ford Escape SE or Equivalent 2018-44  $ 14,999  Woody Anderson Ford  09-19-2018 
 For Copying and Printing for Various County Departments 2018-45  Various  Allied Digital Printing   10-03-2018
 For Structural Portland Concrete 2018-46   Cancelled Cancelled  10-24-2018
 For Tag Renewal Notices 2018-47  $.213 Per Mailing  IMS Enterprises  11-14-2018 
For Uniforms for various Madison County Departments 2018-48   Cancelled  Cancelled 12-05-2018 
 For a 2019 4WD Extended Cab Truck Chassis 2018-49  $ 38,767  Woody Anderson Ford  11-14-2018 
For a 2019 FWD Extended Cab Chasis  2018-50 Cancelled    Cancelled 11-06-2018 
 For Advanced Traffic Signal Controller Cabinets 2018-51 Various  Utilicom Supply Associates LLC  12-12-2018 
 For Cold Mix Asphalt 2018-54  Various  Advanced Asphalt Products   11-28-2018
For Plumbing Parts for the Detention Center  2018-55  Various Plumbmaster, Inc.  02-06-2018 
 For Janitorial Supplies for Madison County Departments 2018-56  Various  North Alabama Chemical  11-28-2018
For Recap Tires 2018-57  Various   Kelly's Tires Service 11-28-2018 
For Community Storm Shelters (D1 & D4) 2018-58 $231,395  Aqua Marine Enterprises  02-06-2018 
For Concrete Repairs to Driveways, Sidewalks and Curbs, as needed, for a period of one year, not to exceed $47,500  2018-59  NTE $47,500 TNB Concrete   01-09-2018
For Truck Body Installation 2018-60   $18,415.20 Southeastern Truck Body & Equipment   01-23-2019
For Asphalt Repairs for the Water Department NTE $450,000 / 2 Years 2018-61  Various Pavement Restorations   01-09-2019