Right-of-Way Management

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Madison County Public Works assists the Madison County Commission manage various activities within the unincorporated Madison County right-of-way (ROW) and easements including installation of signs and structures, issuance of private utility permits, and review easement vacation requests. Please click on the following headings for more information.

Signs & Miscellaneous Structures

The following applies to the installation of private, business, commercial, or other signs and/or structures along or within Madison County ROW and easements:

The installation of private, business, commercial, or other signs and/or structures is prohibited within Madison County ROW and public easements.

All structures that meet any of the following criteria will require a Building Permit:

  • Size exceeds 4' x 8' (area)
  • Is constructed with materials other than pressure treated lumber
  • Has an electrical connection or utilizes exterior lighting
  • Is an elevated sign or structure

We recommend anyone installing a structure or sign along or within Madison County ROW seek consultation from Madison County regarding the requirements for proper installation. Please contact:

 Building Inspection Department          or          Public Works Department

Phone: (256) 746-2950                                    Phone: (256) 746-2900


Privately owned utility companies planning to install facilities in Madison County ROW will need to submit a permit application for utility construction and meet the terms of the County’s ROW Access agreement prior to construction. Click here for Madison County’s Utility Construction Permit Application

For questions regarding utility permitting in ROW, please contact:

Ms. Bailee Robinson, P.E.

Assistant County Engineer

Phone: (256) 746-2900

Email: brobinson@madisoncountyal.gov


Procedures to Vacate an Easement

1. Have a Surveyor prepare a drawing and legal description.

2. Turn over the drawing and legal description to your attorney.

3. Your attorney will prepare a Deed & Resolution and a Request to Vacate.

4. Your attorney mails the Drawing, Deed & Resolution, and Request to Vacate along with letters from Utilities (Electric & Water Departments) to:

Jeff Rich
Madison County Attorney
100 North Side Square, Suite 700
Huntsville, AL 35801

5. The Madison County Attorney will send the package to Public Works for review.

6. If vacation request is approved, the Madison County Attorney will put the request on the next Board Meeting Agenda to be voted on by the County Commission

For questions regarding ROW and easement vacation, please contact:

Chuck Faulkner, P.E.
County Engineer
Phone: (256) 746-2900
Email: cfaulkner@madisoncountyal.gov