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When searching for documents …


04-01-2004 to Present: Place the last name in the last name field and the first name in the first name field.

05-01-1991 to 04-18-2004: The field for last name will be the ONLY field you enter information into— last name first, followed by first name, all on the same line.

Any search prior to 05-01-1991 has to be done through historical search.

Guidelines for a Historical Search:

Select Historical Search from menu (F8)

Three blocks will show

First block: Choose LR for Land Records or ML for Marriage License

Second Block: Select the Index Book for the time frame you want to research.

(Direct for Mortgages * Reverse for Deeds)

Third Block: Select the Letter that corresponds to the first letter of the last name you are researching.

Hit Search and Enter

Search results will show on the left side of the screen

Go to Image 1 (click on 001.TIF)

This brings up the index sheet for this Book. Page 1 is the set out for individual names * Page 2 is the set out for corporate names. Some names have separate pages, others are grouped by spelling and shown at bottom of page.

Find the page number that corresponds to the name you are researching and go to the TIF file for that page (left side of screen) i. e. Andrews is a set out at page 35.

You can go from one page to the other under that page number by clicking on the next TIF under that page number.

Once you have found the book and page number you are looking for, go to the top of the screen. You will see entry spots for type of book, book number and page number. Complete this information and hit navigate and enter. This will bring up the image of the document you are looking for. There will be no images available for documents recorded prior to 1971. You can only view the index books for years prior to 1971.

Guidelines for a Marriage License Search:

Select the tab that reads “Vital”, and just as in a historical search, be sure to choose ML for the type of record. Type in names and information accordingly. Note: No image of the marriage licenses is visible due to the private nature of the information. However, the date, time, instrument number and name of parties is visible.

Guidelines for a Plats Search:

Plats recorded with book 25 Page 64 forward can be accessed by using the document type search from the main screen by entering book type as plat and entering the book and page number.

Plats recorded prior to book 25 page 64 have to be accessed under Historical search. At the main menu choose F8 Historical Search but do not enter any information in the blocks, go straight to Search. You may get a screen that says page is not available but just hang on, the screen will pop up. Then go to the top of the screen where there are spots for type of book, book number and page number. Enter plat book, and the book and page of the plat you are looking for. Then hit navigate and enter.

If you don’t know the book and page number for the subdivision, you can access the book and page number along with other information regarding all subdivisions in Madison County by going to the main screen and clicking on the “Subdivision” bar in the heading. This will allow you to scroll through and find the book and page of the plat or in the instance of plats recorded after April 16, 2004, the document number for that plat.

Clarification of Book Numbers under Historical

Book 1 > Direct and Reverse > 1880 through 1918

Book 2 > Direct and Reverse > 1/1/1920 through 12/31/1946

Book 3 > Direct and Reverse > 1/1/1947 through 9/30/1956

Book 4 > Direct and Reverse > 10/1/1956 through 12/31/1966

Book 5 > Direct and Reverse > 1/1/1967 through 12/31/1969

Book 6 > Direct and Reverse > 1/1/1970 through 12/31/1973

Book 7 > Direct and Reverse > 1/1/1974 through 12/31/1976

Book 8 > Direct and Reverse > 1/1/1977 through 12/31/1979

Book 9 > Direct and Reverse > 1/1/1980 through 12/31/1984

Book 10 > Direct and Reverse > 1/1/1985 through 2/29/1988

Book 11 > Direct and Reverse > 3/1/1988 through 12/31/1989

Book 12 > Direct and Reverse > 1/1/1990 through 5/19/1991


Due to the complexity of laws and procedures of the Probate Court, we strongly suggest that you seek the advice of a licensed attorney.  The Probate Judge, Chief Clerk and Staff of the Probate Court are prohibited by law to offer any legal advice.