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NOTE: The INCREASED imaging fee per document has been included in the following fee schedule.



Imaging Fee $10.00
Per Page


Filing Fee  1.00
Microfilm .25
Mental Health Fee 12.00
TOTAL: $25.75
for first page; $2.50 per each additional page

DEED TAX is .50 per $500, or $1.00 per $1000.00 based on the appraised value or purchase price (a minimum of .50 must be paid if 100% financed)

As of August 1, 2012, RT-1 Real Estate Sales Validation form must be completed and accompany all deeds unless information contained in the RT-1 form is incorporated into the deed. An additional $2.50 page fee will be charged for the recording of this form. This form is available under our forms tab. This RT-1 form does not apply to correction deeds.

MORTGAGE TAX is .15 per $100.00 or $1.50 per $1000.00 of amount financed.
Mortgage tax is to be rounded UP to the next highest $100.00 on a fraction thereof; i.e. $24,550 would be rounded up to $24,600 x .0015.

Mortgages and deeds to exempt entities are SUBJECT to an additional .50 no tax stamp fee.

DEEDS AND MORTGAGES FILED SIMULTANEOUSLY: The tax is paid on the deed in the amount of the down payment or equity. If the total purchase price is financed in the mortgage, then the DEED TAX is a minimum of .50. If a deed is filed with a tax-exempt mortgage, DEED TAX is based on the full purchase price or appraised value.

MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENTS: Releases, Assignments, Affidavits, Certificate of Judgment, Liens, Powers of Attorney, etc.
Please use the above basic recording fees as shown for deeds and mortgages

NOTE: If a document is executed by more than two parties (i.e. grantor, grantee, mortgagor, mortgagee) you must add $1.00 for each additional name above two to the recording fees. This includes a/k/a, d/b/a and f/k/a names, partners of partnerships, and members of LLC’s. We do not index anything after the word “successor in interest”. We do not charge for attorney in fact.

UCC FIXTURE FILINGS: Only fixture filings are accepted at the county level. All other UCC filings go directly to the Alabama Secretary of State

First two pages $42.00; each additional page $2.00

UCC-3 TERMINATIONS: $22.00 flat fee no matter how many pages.

No additional fees are due for extra names or extra references

When a UCC fixture filing is the only evidence of a debt (when it is not additional security to a real estate mortgage) mortgage tax is due on the amount of the indebtedness at $1.50 per thousand. Examples of this are debts for heating/air conditioning units, pools, flooring, fences, etc.

CERTIFIED COPIES: $1.00 per page plus $2.00 for certification

(a) Indexed from the assignor and the borrowers as grantors to the assignee as grantee.
(b) $1.00 per additional name over two for either grantor or grantee.
(c) If you have one assignor and two borrowers, there is an additional $1.00 charge

(a) Indexed from the borrower and the lender as grantor to the lender as grantee.
(b) $1.00 per additional name over two for either grantor or grantee.
(c) If you are not advancing any more money or extending the maturity date, no additional mortgage tax is due.
(d) If you are advancing additional money, mortgage tax is due only on the increase.
(e) If you are extending the maturity date, mortgage tax is due on the unpaid balance of the loan.
(f) If you advance additional money and extend the maturity date, mortgage tax is due on the new unpaid balance of the loan.

(a) Indexed from the Subordinating Lender and the borrowers as grantors to the new lender as grantee.
(b) $1.00 per additional name over two either for grantor or grantee.

(a) Index all names as grantors and as grantees.
(b) $1.00 per additional name over two for either grantor or grantee.

Due to the complexity of laws and procedures of the Probate Court, we strongly suggest that you seek the advice of a licensed attorney.  The Probate Judge, Chief Clerk and Staff of the Probate Court are prohibited by law to offer any legal advice.