Land Redemption

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Information Needed for Redeeming Property

  • Year the property was sold
  • Name the property was sold under

 Redeeming Property

  • Owner must fill out an Application and Redemption Affidavit.  The application must be obtained from the Probate Judge’s office.  Fillable Redemption Affidavit.
  • The redemption affidavit must be signed by both the redemptioner and purchaser/transferee.
  • The application and redemption affidavit must be notarized.  Please note, forms cannot be notarized by the Probate Judge’s staff.
  • If a mortgage company redeems any property, they must submit a mortgage or a foreclosure deed, showing they have an interest in the land.

Interest and Fees

  • 8% Interest Rate for 2019 for property sold in 2020
  • 12% Interest Rate for all other years prior to 2019
  • The only form of payment accepted is cash or certified funds
  • Fee:$30.00

2019 Tax Year Summary

2018 Tax Year Summary

2017 Tax Year Summary

Due to the complexity of laws and procedures of the Probate Court, we strongly suggest that you seek the advice of a licensed attorney.  The Probate Judge, Chief Clerk and Staff of the Probate Court are prohibited by law to offer any legal advice.