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Working at MadCo

Training and Development

 Madison County is committed to providing it's employees with relevant training and professional development opportunities. View Upcoming training sessions and past webinar sessions.

Classification and Compensation

Madison County maintains a digital copy of the employee payscale and classification schedule for employees to access, download, and print. Access the employee payscale and classification schedule.

Policy Handbook

Madison County employees are responsible for following all policies in the Policy Handbook. Please note: departments may have additional policies employees are required to follow. View the Policy Handbook and amendments.

Important Links

Access New World, Kronos, or the Employee Portal.

Speak Up! Reporting Service

Speak Up is a 24/7 online reporting service that provides an opportunity for Madison County employees to report discrimination, harassment, and any activity that violates Madison County policies or Code of Conduct. File a Speak Up! Report.