Office of Alternative Sentencing

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Programs of the Pre-Trial Release/Work Release Department provide the courts of the 23rd Judicial Circuit with various alternative sanctions imposed in the disposition of cases in the Circuit and District Courts of Madison County. These programs provide alternatives to incarceration based upon the varying nature and severity of offenses, and the varying degrees of supervision and control required for offenders

Melissa Stiles, Director, 256-533-8940

Pre-Trial and Community Detention Services 256-533-8941

Justyn Hayes, Coordinator
Pre-Trial Release Program

Provides interview and evaluation of pretrial detainees making application for release from jail on personal recognizance or unsecured appearance bonds and provides for the monitoring of defendants granted pretrial release.

Jail Diversion Program

Provides an alternative placement for non-violent jail or prison bound defendants.

Requires weekly supervision contact with community supervision officers and the direct deposit of payroll earnings to pay court ordered costs, fines, and restitution.

Work Release Program (Alternative Incarceration)

Supervised Electronic Detention

Both Provide alternatives to “traditional incarceration” that permits defendants to maintain employment and other ties to the community, while requiring that they be incarcerated or electronically monitored when not at work.

Treatment-Intervention Services - 256-533-8942

Drug Court Programs

Court Referral Program

Provide treatment and other intervention services aimed at addressing the root causes of criminal and other behaviors that negatively affect individuals, families, and public safety. Programs provided intensive treatment and counseling as an alternative to incarceration for qualifying drug and alcohol offenders.

Probation and Court Services - April Hubert, Coordinator 256-533-8940

County Probation, Community Corrections
DUI and Drug Diversion

Provides both general, and case specific supervision of defendants whose sentences include a term of probation. Serving primarily the Madison County District Courts in misdemeanor cases, this office also provides probationary supervision in certain felony cases.
Determines placement for certain state prison inmates for community corrections participation.

Court Services: Driver Safety Program, Court Referral Education Program, Community Work Program

These programs require defendants to complete educational programs and community service work as a part of their sentence conditions.