COVID-19 Information Related to Tags & Titles

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Frequently Asked Questions During the COVID-19 Closure:

We are working with a reduced staff and are working hard to assist the taxpayers of Madison County the best way we can during these unusual times. Listed below are some of the most frequently questions we are receiving. I hope this information helps clarify some of the functions that we can perform while we are closed to the public.


  • My tag expired in March and I need to renew. How can I renew with the offices closed?


    We are still processing mail and online renewals. We are also taking payment by credit card over the phone. You can call 256-532-3312, 256-532-3315 or 256-532-3316 during the hours of 10am to 1pm to make payment.


  • I should not have to pay a penalty for late renewal. Is there a grace period since your offices are closed?

    Yes, the state has extended March renewals until April 15 without any late charges.


  • I purchased a new vehicle from an Alabama dealer. How can I get the vehicle registered since the offices are closed?


    Since the vehicle was purchased form an Alabama dealer, you can go to and upload the purchase documents. Our software provider, Ingenuity, will review the documents and forward them to our office for processing if everything is complete. We will process the registration and mail the new registration to you once payment is made to Ingenuity.


  • I purchased a vehicle form an individual and I have the title, bill of sale and current Alabama insurance. How can I transfer title and register the vehicle in my name since the offices are closed?

    At the present time, we are unable to process the title transfer and register the vehicle since we are closed to the public and we need the previous title and the buyer has to be here to sing the new Alabama title application. Easy Tag will only process those vehicles purchase that have a current Alabama title application for the dealership.

  • I purchased a vehicle form an out of state dealership and they are sending the necessary paperwork to your office. How can I register this new vehicle since your offices are closed?

    You can contact our office at the numbers listed above and we will check to make sure we have received the paperwork. If so, we will review the documents to make sure everything needed is present. If all documents are included, you can submit a power of attorney form or a statement in writing by email to us granting us the authority to sing the title application and process the vehicle paperwork since we have the documents in our office. We will contact you and take payment over the phone and then mail you your new registration.


  • My current driver license has expired, and I need to renew. What are my options since your offices are closed?

    You can renew online at if there are no changes to be made to your current license. If you renewed online last time, you will not be able to renew online again. You should call 334-242-4400 or for further assistance.


  • I moved to Madison County from another county in Alabama and my plate has expired. How can I transfer my vehicle plate to Madison County since you are closed?

    You can call our office at the numbers listed above and we will check the state registration system to make sure the previous registration shows up. If so, we should be able to get the needed information to transfer to Madison County and process the transfer over the phone by credit card.


  • I purchased a vehicle and I only have 20 days to register the vehicle by law. Will I be penalized if I go past the 20 days?

    The state has granted an extension for vehicles purchase on or after March 17 until April 15 without penalty.

    Department of Revenue Order Issued


  • I have moved and I need to change my address on my current driver license. How can I do this since the offices are closed?

    Since our offices are closed to the public, you can call 334-242-4400 or email  for assistance.


  • I have purchased a new watercraft. Can I register the watercraft online why your offices are closed?

    We are currently unable to register new watercraft.


  • I need a temporary tag. Can I get a temporary tag while your offices are closed?

Our offices are not issuing temporary tags at this time.