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What is required for a residential permit?

  • Obtain a legal street address from the Madison County Housing Numbering System — 256-746-2909.
  • Obtain a Health Department Permit for the construction of septic system — 256- 539-3711. If a private sewer disposal system is being used, an approval letter for connection from systems operator.
  • Make application for building permit and plans review at the Building Inspection Department— see Forms page.
  • Contractors must provide proof of state certification, state privilege license, and general liability insurance



Any improvement that is added to a property should be reported to the Madison County Tax Assessor’s office per the following code:

Alabama Code 40-7-1

“…Should the owner of any real estate make improvements on such property, or should any improvements be removed or destroyed or partially removed or destroyed during any taxable year, it shall be the duty of such owner to make a tax return between October 1 and prior to January 1 covering all such changes made subsequent to October 1 of the preceding tax year. Improvements partially completed on October 1 shall be reported to the tax assessor or other assessing official by the owner thereof and shall be assessed as incomplete for that tax year. It shall be the duty of any person who purchases real estate prior to October 1 of any taxable year and who owns said real estate on that date to report such purchase to and assess that property with the tax assessor or other assessing official between October 1 and prior to January 1 following such purchase. No penalty shall be charged such taxpayer for failure to report the purchase or sale of any real estate.”


Required Inspections

The number of inspections will vary depending on the type of construction. It is the responsibility of the homeowner or residential contractor to contact the Madison County Inspection Department 24 hours prior to required inspections.

  • Footing/Slab Inspections will be conducted prior to the pouring of concrete. Monolithic and built-up slabs must have an inspection of plumbing, electrical, mechanical and gas before concrete is poured.
  • Foundation and Floor framing will be inspected prior to the application of floor sheathing.
  • Electrical Conduit and Brick Option if completed prior to First Rough-In.
  • First Rough-In will be conducted prior to the installation of interior wall coverings and will include electrical, plumbing, mechanical and framing inspection.
  • Second Rough-In will inspect insulation and also will include follow-up of First Rough-In.
  • The Final Inspection must be conducted prior to issuing a Certificate of Occupancy and will include a lot drainage inspection.