2014 Distracted Driving Schedule

8am to 3pm

Hazel Green High School:
June 23, July 9, July 17
Sparkman High School:
June 24, July 10, July 16
Buckhorn High School:
June 25, July 11, July 21
Madison County High School:
June 26, July 14
New Hope High School:
June 27
Huntsville Christian Academy
July 7, July 22
Huntsville City Schools
July 8, July 15
Rain Dates if needed:
July 18, 23, 24 and 25

Click here for REQUIRED registration packet which MUST be filled out or you will not be permitted to take the course.

Click here to see photos of what to expect on the course.

  • One day course 8am to 3pm (in case of rain, alternate date wil be identified)

  • Course covers: traffic stop etiquette, DUI laws, seatbelt laws, cell phone usage, texting while driving and distracted driving.

  • This program rotates to different high school campuses during the summer months. The class size will be no more than twenty students each day. The students must be at least 15 years old and obtaining an Alabama Driver's permit in the near future.

  • Half of the course will involve PowerPoint presentations and classroom teachings to include DUI laws, seatbelt laws, window tint laws, television screen laws, traffic stop etiquette, cellphone usage and texting while driving, and driving while distracted. The other half will consist of hands-on driving by the students both undistracted and distracted.

  • The students will be graded on their first trip through the course with no distractions. On the second trip through the course, the ride-along Deputy will instruct the students to send a text message, read a laminated card that would be hanging from the rearview mirror to simulate reading a text message, retrieve a dropped item from the back seat, or change songs on an IPod.

  • The students will also be graded on the second round, and the two scores will be compared. On the second trip the students will lose points for hitting cones, driving too slow and other traffic infractions.

  • Upon completion students receive certificate which depending on your insurance carrier, may lead to lower premiums for teen driver. Parents will need to check with individual carrier.

For more information contact Sgt. Moody at or call 256-533-8855 or contact your school resource officer.