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Madison County Road Projects Receive $10.6 Million - Winchester Road widening and new overpass at Blake Bottom Road and Research Park Boulevard

Date : 5 February 2013
Category : General

Event Description :
Madison County Road Projects Receive $10.6 Million — Will provide great benefits for citizens

Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong and Commissioners Roger Jones and Phil Vandiver respond to Governor Bentley’s announcement of $3.6M for Winchester Road widening and $7.0M for a new overpass at Blake Bottom Road and Research Park Boulevard.

CONTACT: Chairman Dale W. Strong
Madison County Commission
Telephone: (256) 532-3795

Madison County, AL (February 4, 2013) - “This is a huge announcement for our entire road network,” says Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong. “The commitment of over $10M announced today by Governor Bentley represents the largest single funding award for Madison County roads in our history. With this funding, critical projects across our community will be on a fast track to completion.” Strong continued. “We owe a huge thanks to Governor Bentley as well as Representative Mac McCutcheon and the rest of our Legislative Delegation for their leadership and for partnering with us to build these new roads that will increase safety, promote economic development and reduce traffic all across Madison County. We will continue to be aggressive in seeking more funding through the ATRIP program and other sources so we can continue to meet the needs of our growing community.”

The Madison County Commission submitted two applications for funding in Round Two of the ATRIP program which were both approved. The ATRIP program is a true partnership between the State of Alabama and local governments such as Madison County with local governments committing to match funding from the State with 20% local money. The match committed by the County Commission to these two projects represents a $2.4 Million investment.

“Completing the Winchester Road project has been my number one priority,” commented District 1 Commissioner Roger Jones. “Our community continues to grow and improving Winchester Road is not only about reducing traffic, it is about public safety and saving lives. The new funding announced today by Governor Bentley now brings our total invested in this project to over $14M and puts us one step closer to completing it. I will continue to work with the Governor and our Legislators to finish this project that is critical to our community.”

This is the second time Winchester Road has benefitted with funding through ATRIP with a new Flint River Bridge receiving at total of $9.8M in round 1-A announced in 2012. Today’s commitment is for an additional $2.7M from ATRIP Round 2 dollars and matching funds from the County of $1.0M represents a total commitment of $3.6M to widen east of the new Flint River Bridge to Bell Factory Road. Winchester Road is one of the most travelled roads in Madison County with over 20,000 vehicles per day and many school buses that serve the four schools located along its length. Continued improvements to Winchester Road remain a top priority for the Madison County Commission as well as regional and state transportation officials.

“Today’s announcement is a big win for Western Madison County,” commented District 4 Commissioner Phil Vandiver. “This funding will build a much needed overpass that will shorten commute times for thousands of our residents, reduce response times for our police and fire fighters and help improve the entire Research Park Boulevard corridor. This announcement has been years in the making and we need to thank Representative Mac McCutcheon for all of his hard work. Without his leadership this project would not have been possible.”

The $5.6M ATRIP Phase 2 funding announced today will be matched with $1.4M from the County to build a new overpass to allow thousands of vehicles that travel to and from work on Blake Bottom road to cross Research Park Boulevard without circling out of their way to the current overpass at Highway 53. This will reduce commute times for the fast growing Harvest/Monrovia community and reduce congestion at the recently completed Highway 53 Interchange which is one of the most congested sections of road in Madison County.

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