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300 Shields Road, Huntsville, AL 35811, Fax 256-851-6918


Bobby Rollins, Fire Marshal

Emergency Call 911
Arson Hotline 256-726-6868

The Office of Madison County Fire Marshal shall derive his Authority from the Madison County Commission in accordance with the provisions of Act 486 of the 1978 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature.

The Madison County Fire Marshal conducts fire investigations, inspections, code enforcement, fire prevention, loss due to fire and explosions, medical services, and insurance rates to lower insurance cost.

The office of the Madison County Fire Marshal investigate fires, explosions and any related crimes, provides assistance to the fire departments and law enforcement agencies in the prevention of arson and explosions, and provides support to the courts for prosecution of arson and explosions cases.

The office of the Madison County Fire Marshal has jurisdiction in all rural areas of the county and in those incorporated areas whose governing bodies have requested coverage. The Fire Marshal's office conducts inspections of buildings and property to ensure the buildings are safe for occupancy for their intended use, and provides for adequate exits in the event of fire, disaster or other emergencies. The Madison County Fire Marshal's office adopts and enforces various Life Safety, Building and Fire prevention Codes. The Madison County Fire Marshal's office is charged with the enforcement of regulations pertaining to building construction and fire safety for the citizens of Madison County.

The office of the Madison County Fire Marshal provides training for the citizens of Madison County, Madison County School System, Courts, Fire and Law Enforcement departments in fire prevention, fire investigation, detection of arson, and education for the interpretation of fire and building codes and life safety regulations.

Madison County Arson Task Force investigates fires of suspicious orgin and all fire fatalities and aids in prosecution. On the Task Force are representatives from the Madison County Fire Marshal's office, Madison City, Huntsville City, Redstone Arsenal Fire Department and the Madison County District Attorney office.

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